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The site has had a few days hiatus, but is now largely back online with a new provider Style:Cymru.  I must declare an interest here as they’re providing this space for free, but I’m also working with Style:Cymru to provide website design and hosting to small and medium enterprises.  If you’re looking for a hands on approach and 20 years experience of web technologies you could benefit from Style:Cymru’s approach to Web Design.

Most of the site is up and running again, I’m still looking around in case I missed anything, but my principle work lately is at dailywords.co.uk and my OU work has been sucking me in during that last month too.  There are big changes at the OU, many of them about being more student centered, and unlike most large organizations, they seem to really have something going for them in this sphere.

I’ll be returning to the books again soon.  I am preparing a print anthology of works from DailyWords, because I have enough material already, and for here I am going to be pushing out some shorts about the Mission universe as well.

In case I haven’t said before, the current run of the Mission universe as a Roleplaying game has come to an end, I don’t anticipate any more of that for another four and a half years.  I need to let it have time to settle and to push out the books that cover the roleplaying that’s happened.

My current vision is:-

  • True Daughter – A fuller mid-time history of the Mission Universe interwoven with the story of a Human-Mandorn hybrid.  (About 16,000 words into it)
  • Strange Girl – Jemima’s story.  School lasts until age 26, humans live until they are about 400.  Jemima is the survivor of a kidnap/murder attempt, using rule of The Garden to do away with her and her cohort.  Granted almost unlimited life in a universe of the long lived, she gains a unique perspective on the development of civilizations and the cold death of the universe.  If you live a million years, could you connect?  (About 5000 words into it)
  • The Crow Directive – The story of the first intergalactic war, with Captain Crow and the crew, including Alice, (see the short story about her her already on site).  (About 30,000 words into it)
  • Second Wave – Working title, Wrench, Avery and Bill work to undo the damage from the first intergalactic war as chaos rage around them, venturing into the Second Galaxy once more to broker peace, and make some very strange discoveries.
  • Aw, look!  So cute!” – Working title.  A new space-faring species makes itself known during the second intergalactic war, with devastating consequences.  Probably also source material for when we resume roleplaying Mission if I don’t drop dead first.

And lastly in this post I want to remember Albert A. Temple, writer and cartoonist of Gene Catlow.  I followed Gene Catlow for ten years, but Mr Temple had been writing it since 2000, before I ever came up with Mission, and that feels like a long time.  I never wrote to Mr Temple and I hadn’t logged on to Gene Catlow for most of this year, so I only learned just now that he died in March 2017 and that the story remains unfinished.  There were many people that knew him, and I link here to one of the forums with people in it that did, and the Gene Catlow site.


RIP Albert Temple

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