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Because life has been, um, up and down, I haven’t written anything substantive for months.
One of the things about writing for is that my head must be clear somewhat, and that isn’t going to happen so I’m trying new approaches. I thought a status update would be a good idea.
The Mission universe basically has two versions of what is canon, the books draw on what happens in the games, but the book canon is sometimes different as I redraw detail in the light of writing. The game canon tries to remain consistent, but I take very few notes during the game as I don’t “see” things until asked about them or reminded of them, I store a great deal of information in the heads of players where their actions are important to them, and as such the consequences of their actions too if they are to make it into prose.
Currently I have in process three books:-
Strange Girl – Jemima’s Story
If you have played i the games and met Jemima you will have heard all sorts of rumors about her, in the game universe the sort of thing that floats around is that she is a million years old, she can absorb planets, she’s a super being, that sort of thing. Most of this is true.
The other super being in the universe is Layla, (Eleanor, who will not get a Supergirl costume now under any circumstances, [You’d make a kickass Supergirl cosplayer]), who has true superpowers, flight and Psionics, which weren’t around in the Mission universe before the Crow Directive.
Oh, each Galaxy is effectively a universe to itself in Mission. It’s not so much that the physical laws are different, which they are not, it’s more that they are so distant. I also try to keep up with the latest thinking in cosmology, but I’m not a cosmologist so please forgive my mistakes and inventions.
I’m working on True Daughter, this is the story of the war in the second timeline, (there are three, see later post), in which the Squalia and the Humans of the second Galaxy (Andromeda) invade as a consequence of the interference of the Crow Directive, and Alice’s interference in it. (See, but please bear in mind that this short tale now diverges from the Game Canon).
The True Daughter in this case is the hybrid child of The mandorn, (See, a very short treatment from the sourcebook for Mission), involved in the War of Second Timeline.
The other book currently in production, slowly, is The Crow Directive. This is the story of the original campaign that started the five year thread of Mission beyond the original one-off role-plays, the one where Crow and her crew went and played. It turned into a deeply moral play and there were many threads left unexplored as well as the main story being, well, an epic galaxy spanning roller coaster.
For anyone new, the two books already written are Hal: A Diaspora, the story of how humans left Earth and its destruction; Sadness is Conductive, a dark exploration of a Mind gone wrong. That came out of my head, no-one asked me to write it, unlike Hal, which came out of the desire of players to know about the history of Mission.
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