Map Guide

The map is a generated and stored map of about 250,000 stars in a layer ” galactic north”, (upwards of the disc is we down with the disc spinning clockwise).  The two directions on the disc are clockwise and anti-clockwise respectively.  The old terms spinward and widdershins have been dropped.

For practical reasons there is currently no search, that will come in time.  The map is arranged in a 4000 x 4000 of sectors, which are divided up into a hex grid of 8 x 8.  (If you roleplay you will note that this is done in the classic way ignoring the third dimension, as in Traveller).

This example of the map will show the salient features…

Sector in Conglomerate showing stars and some detail

Sector in the Conglomerate

Readers will notice that sectors are open to use via Creative Commons 4.0, this is so that other gamers can use the map, and, after registration, (write to me), can edit the wiki to reflect their universe.

I retain the naming capability of THIS version of the map, and you will see that much remains to be done on that.  I may institute a new naming algorithm before getting down to cases.  As a result of current games a number of star systems and planets need to be individually named.

The games have much more original material in them than I have included in Hal, and as a result if you’re a new reader then you will see things here that are not addressed, but they will be!

The star map is backed up by a Wiki of the start systems.  Much of this is generated and stored as it is accessed.  If logged in, users can write about the star systems, because of the way that the wiki works, histories are kept, so your entry may be overwritten, but a quick look in the history will reveal your work.  That doesn’t mean that your entry has been invalidated, merely that someone is also playing and writing creatively in this system.  Single click reveals the wiki in a window, and double-clicking takes you to the wiki in full page mode.

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